It all started within a professional group - TAP crew members - who on the stopovers between flights, especially the long-haul ones, could talk quietly about their MG brand "assets".

Having left the euphoria of the first years after April 1974 behind, when the MG could not be taken out, the spirit of association and club enthusiasm, which was not alien to the environment reigning in the portuguese society, helped the mobilization and concentration of some MG owners in a 1st Meeting, on October 22nd, 1981, according to impromptu summons.

First meeting

From its foundation until March 31st, 1988, the M.G.C.P. was governed by a provisional commission – Comissão Instaladora –, initially constituted by the ten founding members and ultimately reduced to Carlos Galamba, Eduardo Duarte, Jaime Baptista da Costa and Joaquim Preces Diniz.

The first elections for the Social Bodies of the club took place on March 26th, 1988.

It was the first single-brand car club to emerge in Portugal and aims to promote the prestige of the MG brand, to bring together the owners of these vehicles and, in general, to contribute to its preservation. For this purpose, M.G.C.P. has always sought to obtain, for its members, easiness in the acquisition of goods and services related to the maintenance and conservation of MG vehicles.

It promotes events known as – Concentrações – that can go from meetings, gatherings, rallies to other recreational sports and cultural activities. These have for many years made the M.G.C.P. an ambassador and an enabler of the democratization of the MG cultural heritage through its approach near the populations by dialoguing with the owners, enriching or acquiring technological and temporal references on the evolution of such beautiful machines.

Reliable and enlightened support for the continuous improvement of the restoration and preservation of this "free-standing MG museum" with memory, antiquity, authenticity and originality is effectively the club's greatest contribution to its members, since its foundation.

M.G.C.P. has long been affiliated with MG Owner's Club and in 2008 became a member of MGCC - MG Car Club UK. Throughout its existence it has maintained an exchange of information with other international clubs like its South African, Swiss and Italian peers.

MG is a hallmark of great traditions in the automotive world and even today their cars are desired by large numbers of people around the world.

If you own an old or current MG, then you must be part of the MG CLUBE DE PORTUGAL