Mensagem da direção - Julho 2022


Dear Member and Visitor

  • In this 1st semester of the year we managed to organize 2 Concentrações MGCP:
    - the 173rd Concentração which, prior to the Club's Ordinary General Assembly, had to be held nearby, visiting the Air Museum and having lunch at the Hotel Vila Galé Sintra;
    - the 174th Concentração took us to Palmela to go up to the Castle, have lunch at Dona Isilda restaurant and taste the unknown Arrabidine liqueur, produced by Casa Lima Fortuna.
    In none of them we were able to organize any sporting event and we are looking forward to the return of this fun aspect of our meetings.
  • In a policy of good understanding, sharing and cordiality, some of our Members participated in events organized by the Clube Escape Livre and the Club Ibérico MG F TF.
  • Likewise, we congratulated and distinguished the Sweden MG Car Club on its 70th Anniversary with a souvenir
  • Knowing that the 10th edition of the ENVE – Evento Nacional de Veículos Elétricos, the biggest national electric mobility event, would take place on June 4th and 5th, we went to Setúbal where we found a representation of MG Electric and met João Vaz Silva, the Business development manager. In addition to giving attention to those interested in the models on display – Marvel R EV; EHS PHEV; 5 EV; ZS EV – told us about the urgency of expanding, beyond Porto, the dealer network to the city of Lisbon, West Zone of the Lisbon district (Sintra/Oeiras/Cascais), Almada, Leiria, Coimbra and Algarve
  • Four years later, in January we started the inspections for HIV recertification – Vehicles of Historic Interest and we have already processed more than 40 vehicles according to the protocol we have with the Museu do Caramulo.
  • After the summer vacation, we will return to the MGCP Concentrações:
    On Saturday, September 17th - the 175th Concentração, will take us to the Quinta da Barreira in accordance with the invitation of our Member José Gaspar, which, being located in Carvoeira, allows us to pass through Sobral de Monte Agraço;
    Between October 14th and 16th - the 176th Concentração, will celebrate the 41st Anniversary of the MGCP in the city of Santarém, which has a lot to tell us.

Expecting see you soon, I send you my warmest Octogonal Greetings,

Isabel Tinoco
July 2022