30 years Book

For future reference, this book stems from the initiative of the Board members with the agreement and endorsement of the remaining Social Sodies of the club. It aims to celebrate the three decades of existence and activity of M.G.C.P. - MG Clube de Portugal, the oldest brand club in the country.

It includes the historical evolution of the club, the highlights in the media, the representativeness achieved in Portugal and abroad and a photographic and documentary retrospective encompassing all 137 MGCP Concentrações, often articulated with regional, municipal and institutional public events. Combining the ludic, sporting and cultural aspects, made the M.G.C.P. an exemplary ambassador and catalyst of the democratization of the MG’s mobile cultural heritage, through its approach to the people who through dialogue with the owners, enrich or acquire technological and temporal references on the evolution of such beautiful machines.

Reliable and enlightened support for the continuous improvement of the restoration and preservation of this "free-standing MG museum" with memory, antiquity, authenticity and originality is indeed the greatest contribution that M.G.C.P. has given to its members since its foundation.

Invited to participate in this publication, there are several contributions that members wanted to see included, such as stories directly related to their MGs or articles of opinion about such a charismatic and respected automobile brand.



Title: MG Clube de Portugal – 30 anos
Property: MG Clube de Portugal
Author: Isabel Tinoco
Design and Pagination: Nelson Vieira
Printing and finishings: Lisgráfica, SA
ISBN: 978-989-20-3656-4
Legal Deposit: 355227/13
1st Edition – FEBRUARY 2013


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