With more than 60 years of experience in classic vehicles, Museu do Caramulo, through the Abel and João de Lacerda Foundation, is an officially recognized entity, by Order 10 298/2001, of 05/17 of the DGV to Certify Vehicles of Historic Interest.

On December 2020, the MGCP – MG Clube de Portugal established with the MC – Museu do Caramulo, a protocol meant to exempt from the annual MOT – Motor vehicle periodic inspection – all vehicles over the age of 30 years if they are approved by the MC technical committee in accordance with Decree-Law No. 144/2017.

This law extended the concept of “VHI - Vehicle of Historic Interest” to those that cumulatively combine the following three requirements:

  1. Have been manufactured or registered for the first time at least 30 years ago;
  2. The specific model is no longer being produced, as defined by the EU or national legislation;
  3. Be subject to historical conservation and remain in its original state with the technical characteristics of its main components without significant changes.


Thus, here are the validity of inspections and prices according to type and antiquity:






Vehicles produced until 1918

10 years

Certification: 65€

Certification: 50€

Vehicles produced from 1919 to 1945

8 years

Vehicles produced from 1946 to 1959

6 years

Vehicles produced after 1960

4 years

Vehicles with less than 30 years (Future Classics)

2 years

Certification: 65€

Certification Plate: It costs 25.00 € and the dimensions are 85 mm x 55 mm.


Certificate reissue: In case of loss, the certificate reissue with the date of the last inspection has a cost of €10.

The MGCP will be the only valid interlocutor for informations, sending documents, payments, complaints and others.


  • The Certificate is a quality seal to authenticate a Vehicle of Historic Interest, recognising it as a Classic or a Future Classic, namely with insurers in case of conflict.
  • According to the implementation and regulation of the LEZ – Low Emission Zone, among the exception vehicles are the historic ones certified as such





  1. Bodywork
    1. There should be no aftermarket changes. It must be well taken care of, without rusty spots or dents. Paint, chrome, rubber and glass must be in good condition, without scratches and uniform in colour
  2. Canopy
    1. For convertible vehicles, the canopy must be perfectly functional and free of tears or any other type of deterioration
  3. Upholstery
    1. The upholstery and lined interiors must be in good condition and without tears. The materials used must be as used or recommended by the manufacturer
  4. Instruments
    1. Instruments must be original, in good working order and in good condition (a clean interior is a must)
  5. Windscreen wipers
    1. The entire system must be in perfect working order and the blades must have the ability to remove water from the glass as intended
  6. Lighting
    1. Headlights and taillights must be of the vehicle’s age, of an appropriate brand, in perfect working order and symmetrical other when in pairs. In the case of older vehicles, additional “turn signals” may be fitted, provided that they do not damage the vehicle structure
  7. Chassis
    1. The chassis must be clean and well maintained
  8. Suspension
    1. The suspension system must function properly and be original
  9. Wheelsets
    1. Special wheels may be fitted, provided they are period. (Ex. Minilite Rims). The rims must be in good condition, with the respective caps, when applicable, the tires must be in accordance with the size indicated in the vehicle documents; it must be the same in terms of size and brand
  10. Steering
    1. The steering wheel must be the original or in period and there should be no play
  11. Brakes
    1. Brakes must be in perfect working order and operate efficiently
  12. Engine
    1. The engine must be in good condition, clean, without oil leaks, without excessive noise and without exaggerated smoke emissions
  13. Fuel System
    1. The fuel system must be the original
  14. Transmission
    1. The transmission must be clean, lubricated and well maintained
  15. Electrical System
    1. The electrical system must be the original
  16. Miscellaneous
    1. All extras included in the vehicle, such as radios, supplementary headlights, antennas, etc., must be of the vehicle’s period.

In case of doubt about the condition of the Vehicle to be certified, additional elements may be requested.