173th Concentração MGCP

March 26, 2022

Keeping the procedure that we implemented in 2017, we started this new year's activities with a visit to the Air Museum / Sintra during the morning of the day for which the OGA - Ordinary General Assembly of the MGCP was scheduled. Precisely for this reason, the destinations are always very close and the travel times are more controlled so that the timetable set out in the OGA notice don't be disrespected.

The gathering of the participants was divided between the facilities of the Cascais AKI on the EN 9, in Alcabideche, and the Air Museum, located at the Air Base nº1 of Granja do Marquês, in Sintra, according to the residences and origins of the Members.

Once the authorization was obtained for parking the vehicles on the Museum's exterior outside lane and the Family Photo was taken, the guided tour began, covering the entire extensive exhibition area divided into 8 zones: store, main hangar, TAP – Portuguese Air Transports and ANA - Airports of Portugal museum spaces; Historic Hangars and Pioneers Room.

Once the MG caravan was set up, it went to the Hotel Vila Galé Sintra, where lunch was served. Splendid weather and great views of the Sintra mountains.

After the meal and the inherent time of socializing around the table, some said goodbye and others headed for the Club’s headquarters where other Members were already waiting to participate in the work.