172ª Concentração de Aniversário do MGCP

October 21 to 23, 2021
Entroncamento, Torres Novas e Golegã

Working on the suggestion of Hipólito Cabaço, who had early support from José Gil, a plan was drawn up involving two cities and a village. Although with different characteristics and added value, they ended up complementing each other, which allowed us to launch a programme to celebrate the 40th anniversary of MGCP that was very well received by its members.

In two working days and the Saturday of proximity, we managed, according to the availability of each one, to see 34 members and provide a happy gathering of 60 participants. From what we saw and heard, we concluded that we were all looking forward to these MGCP meetings.

And as in life you have to be lucky, the municipalities of Entroncamento, Torres Novas and Golegã were precious allies in guaranteeing parking spaces for so many MG vehicles. Souvenirs were not lacking either and the city councilor of Entroncamento, Dr. Carlos Amaro, insisted on delivering them in person. The windless, warm and luminous weather brightened the event and allowed for open motoring.

The guided visits to the Museu Nacional Ferroviário (National Railway Museum), the Municipal Museums Carlos Reis, Equuspolis / Mestre Martins Correia, Máquina de Escrever and the Casa-Estúdio Carlos Relvas were an exhibition and an invitation to return for a more detailed approach to its exhibition content.

Regarding the two private farms, as suggested, the visit to Quinta da Broa was made on a weekday to understand what is the routine of a day's work aimed at teaching and improving Veiga Horses, the thoroughbreds Lusitanos from a 200-year-old stud farm. And while the 7th Manuel Veiga delighted us with his mastery in the indoor riding arena, the little 8th Manuel Veiga was rehearsing, outside, the arts of bullfighting on foot with his Jack Russell Terrier for company.

The Quinta de Santo António was purposely reserved for Saturday because we wanted it to be an exclusive MG Day. Remarkably well framed in the entrance courtyard of the manor house of this farm dated from the XVII th century, MG vehicles waited for their owners to visit the designated MG Especial or MG Canelas, which is an example of engineering that combines quality, safety and elegance. It was designed and built by the aeronautical engineer José Jorge Canelas, from an MG Midget TC, and was powered by his colleague António Andrade. It went down in motorsport history as one of the few competition cars developed in Portugal. The same owners had the opportunity to learn about the history and particularities of some horse carriages according to the explanations of Eng.º Castro Canelas, who introduced them to his family and opened the doors of their home. 

Then, leaving in a MG convoy, we headed to the Quinta dos Álamos where other members waited for the celebration lunch, with live music, to distinguish the attendant members who in 2020 and 2021 reached 15, 20, 25, 35 and 40 years of affiliation. It was the moment for a kind offering of flowers to the Ladies, a gift from Sérgio Louro, giving the presence awards and singing Happy Birthday to MGCP. All this after Sverker Bergström, on behalf of MGCC-Sweden, presented the MGCP with a picture alluding to its anniversary.

The memorable programme stays here: 

Dias de outubro

Visitas Orientadas





21 - Tarde

Museu Nacional Ferroviário

do Entroncamento


R. Ferreira de Mesquita 1 – A

2330-152 Entroncamento

Museu Municipal Carlos Reis


R. Salvador 10, Torres Novas

Jantar – O Barrigas


Largo 5 de Outubro 55, Golegã

Alojamento no Hotel Dom João****


Check-in > 14h

R. Padre Carlos Leonel dos Santos

Lote 6, Entroncamento

22 - Manhã

Quinta da Broa/Casa Veiga:

*Cavalos Lusitanos de Competição

*Lagar de Azeite

*Coleção Carros de cavalos

*Visita Geral c/ Brunch


Estrada Real (CM7) 2150-065 Golegã (Azinhaga N365)

Equuspolis / Museu Martins Correia


R. Dom João IV 1, Golegã

Almoço – Lusitanus


Largo Marquês de Pombal, Golegã

22 - Tarde

*Casa-Estúdio Carlos Relvas

*Igreja Matriz

*Museu Nacional da Máquina de Escrever


15.30h 16h

Largo Dom Manuel I, Golegã

Largo da Imaculada Conceição, Golegã

R. de Oliveira 34, Golegã

Jantar – Bonito by Trincanela


Parque do Bonito / Rua do Bonito, 6


Alojamento no Hotel Dom João****


Check-out < 12h

Rua Padre Carlos Leonel dos Santos Lote 6, Entroncamento

23 - Manhã

Quinta de Santo António:

*Apresentação do MG Canelas

*Carros de cavalos APA

*Casa e Jardim Histórico c/ Brunch


R. D. João IV, Golegã

Almoço de Aniversário – Celeiro da Quinta dos Álamos

Homenagem aos Sócios com “anos redondos” de filiação ao MGCP


Quinta dos Álamos

2150-182 Golegã