Message from the board - July 2019

Dear Visitor and Reader

Among the activities planned for the first half of the year, we were unable to carry out the weekend 167th MGCP Concentração due to the impossibility of free access to the garage of the apartments in Vila Nova de Milfontes because of the closing of the Marginal Avenue during the FEITUR. With this attitude from the organisers we were deprived of the guarantee of safety of our MG cars. 

As an alternative programme we have organized a visit to a part of the Historical Route of the Lines of Torres Vedras that invites the visitors to discover this unique heritage in the history of Europe. For a first approach we choose the hermitage of N. Sra. do Socorro on the top of the hill with the same name.

Now we are working to find a solution for a venue that can hold another weekend. 

On the other hand we consider that the Motorclássico of this year was the best we ever had. A Midget TA from 1936 and a TC from 1947 stood side by side in close proximity to an MGA 1600 which is celebrating 60 years of launch this year.

Until the end of the year we still have other activities alone or in partnership with other Classic Clubs never missing the commemoration of the MGCP's 38th anniversary, the Membership Homage Party and the Christmas Dinner.

But as important as our activities and after the cancellation of Barcelona 2019 we can’t miss the MG EEoTY - European Event of the Year 2020 in Würzburg (Bavaria), from the 5th to the 9th of August

50 years after its founding, MG Car Club Deutschland e.V. organizes it and all information can be found on 

Remember that booking starts on 1st of October 2019 at 8. pm CEST – Central European Summer Time.

Octogonal Greetings

Isabel Tinoco

July 2019