Message from the board - July 2018

Dear Visitor and Reader

Here is a rundown of the activities which have been done, that you can find on this website. Feel free to look at the photos and enjoy.

Certification VHI - Vehicles of Historic Interest 

  • With the publication of Decreto-Lei Nº 144/2017 on the first day of the year, it was our priority to establish a collaboration protocol with the CPAA - Clube Português de Automóveis Antigos towards the VHI Certification. The protocol was signed on January 23rd and since then the MGCP members have been able to certify their vehicles which are over 30 years old and thus be exempted from the annual MOT.

In the rearview mirror:

  • The 162nd, 163rd and 164th MGCP Concentrações held in Cascais, Setúbal and Elvas-Campo Maior, respectively. The first one, near the headquarters of the club , had the merit of bringing more members to participate in the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meetings and, with that, to prolong the conviviality and the debate on the subjects that matter to the club. The second started the so-called "Paper Cycle". The third was the weekend long Concentração in a region where we often pass through but rarely remain;
  • MGCP was a fixture in the 14th Lisbon International Classic Motor Show as always. As there are many MG models having birthday in 2018 our choice fell upon the 50 years of production of the MG 1300;
  • A tour took us to the 7th Vila Franca de Xira Classic Car & Motorcycle Show which continues to be commissioned, with increasing success, by our member António Cabaço. 

Until the end of the year we still have:

  • A Summer Lunch by the river Sado; 
  • The 5th Parade in Lisbon’s Av. da Liberdade, CAACA organization;
  • The Estoril Classics Week, ACP Classics organization;
  • The commemoration of the MGCP's 37th anniversary with the 165th MGCP Concentração at Ota and a Gala Dinner to distinguish the members who where celebrating 35, 30, 25, 20, 15 and 10 years of uninterrupted membership in the Club;
  • The Christmas Dinner, where the winners of the CCCMG 2018, in the Sport and Production Classes, will be awarded.

Octogonal Greetings

Isabel Tinoco

July 2018