"A Boutique do MG"

“A Boutique do MG”, by Joaquim Preces Diniz, emerged in 2005 and affirms itself as an exclusive workshop for the repair and restoration of MGCP member’s vehicles.

J. Preces Diniz founder and high ranking member of the club, is a connoisseur of the brand and a passionate adept of originality. As such nothing escapes him and sometimes he is a severe critic and always calls a spade a spade evaluating and pointing out the flaws in a MG that, in the eyes of the owner, is impeccable.

Moreover, in terms of restoration, it is by a survey of the "needs" that the process begins. Then comes the budget where you list the price of the parts to be ordered from English specialized houses in the MG brand. According to the intended purpose is possible to buy or rebuild everything, from the simple screw to the windscreen, from the spokes to the rubber kits, carpet sets and interior panels. This is the only way to guarantee originality, leaving no room for free will. If other services are needed and executed by others, such as sheet repair and painting, then the process is supervised closely so that the final result is of high quality and according to the date of manufacture of the car, and of what it was at the time.

A knowledgeable, experienced and ever present mechanic guarantees the quality of the service provided. The owners are invited to follow the process which is documented in all its phases.

Many of the cars restored by "A Boutique do MG", have been exhibited annually in the MOTORCLÁSSICO - International Motorcycle and Classic Motor Show, where the club has been present since 2004. Photos of these cars can also be seen on this website.



At very competitive rates, “A Boutique do MG” can provide to members of the MGCP with services like:




  • .Change of engine and gearbox oil

  • .Grease

  • .New brake pads and discs

  • .New hoods

  • .New seat covers, interior trim panel kits and carpet sets, all in original patterns



  • .Complete or partial restoration

  • .Dash painting in wrinkle (job done in the UK)

  • .Prepare engine heads to work with lead free petrol

  • .New wiring harnesses 

  • .New 6V 80 Amp batteries 

  • .Fine tuning and repair carburettors

  • .Preparation for MOT



  • .Access to world parts database 

  • .New seat covers, etc.


It is desirable that all MGs use Kevlar brake pads because they promote a better braking and also guarantee zero dust on the wheels. In the case of the Classics, particularly those fitted with wire wheels, the Kevlar brake pads not only do not stain the wheels but as they do not produce the release of incandescent sparks, they do not burn the rims. If they are installed with Grove disks, then you still get better performance.

Classic MGs 

  • Use DOT5 silicone oil for the brakes and clutch.
  • Replace the engine and gear box oil every year, regardless of the mileage. The indicated oil is the 20W50 mineral, which is practically no longer available for sale in the market, but is still supplied to MGCP members.
  • Improve engine performance by replacing the mechanical points with electronic points.
  • Install polyurethane suspension bush kits that have no wear and tear, making the car more precise with a noticeable improvement in performance, even when driving straight ahead.

Non-Classic MGs

  • Since there are no longer any elements of the gas-oil suspensions, with which the MG F models have been fitted, on the world market, when they no longer accept or support the gas load it is recommended to replace these by a newly available kit, which comprises four telescopic dampers and four spring-machined parts in the interior. Be aware that even though it appears to have been loaded, the valves will be compromised making cornering dangerous.
  • For the MG TF model it is strongly recommended to replace the shock absorbers with others designed exclusively for the model which increases exponentially the comfort and stability of this vehicle.

Contact "A Boutique do MG" – Information and appointments must be requested through the number +351 934 175 155 – Joaquim Diniz.


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