August 2 to 6, 2023
Hindsgavl Castle – MGCC Denmark

The date was unavoidable because celebrating 50 years of existence in the year of the MG Centenary is not for everyone and deserved to be extended to the entire European MG community. The Danish MGCC announced it for the beginning of August 2023 and closed with the following assessment:

“We were 237 participating cars in the event itself, plus an extra 15 cars for the actual MG 100-year exhibition on Saturday.
More than 200 MG cars were counted in the car park that visited us in addition to the participants. In addition, there were several rows of other cars.
Close to 500 MG cars! - We have never had so many MG cars collected in Denmark before!
MG 100 years, MG Car Club Denmark 50 years and EEOTY 2023 it was celebrated!”

In fact, the photos we downloaded from the Club's website as well as those sent to us by our Member Luís Cunha Matos attest well:

  • The beauty of the place on which the majestic Hindsgavl Castle stands and whose history dates back to the 12th century;
  • The historical interest of the places suggested for tours around the island of Funen, such as Bogense, which has the best marina in the country, and Assens, which provided maritime connections from the Middle Ages until the Little Belt Bridge was opened for traffic on 14 May 1935, and for which guided bridgewalking tours were organised along its 1,178 metres linking this 3rd largest island in the country to the south of the Jutland Peninsula; 
  • The MG Sport test drive on the track at Fredericia and a visit to the runic stones of Jelling, erected in memory of King Harald's parents, Gorm and Thyra, which bear witness to Denmark's transition from the pagan to the Christian era. There's also a visit to Ribe, the oldest town, founded around 1,300 years ago and which reveals the great importance it had during the Viking Age, acting as the main trading port on the North Sea;
  • The wide participation in the various activities on Saturday, which included the MG 100 Year Anniversary Exhibition of excellent MG models, the Concours de Charme, the Rocker Cover Race, the presentation of the new cars by Danish MG Motors and the Anniversary Dinner & Dance for all the mostly Nordic participants, followed by Germans, Swiss, Belgians, Dutch and a few French, Austrians and Australians.

It was at the end of this dinner that Luís Cunha Matos was surprised to be called to receive from Vivian Vleeshouwers the trophy that the MGCC-UK had prepared for the MGCP, just as he was about to do us the favour of handing over a souvenir to the organising Club. 

Congratulations to the MGCC-DK for their exemplary organisation.

Our thanks to Luís Cunha Matos.