179th Concentração MGCP

September 29 to October 1, 2023
São Pedro de Moel

The programme was very attractive and added the novelty of the participation and exhibition of our MG vehicles at the LSR - Leiria Sobre Rodas, all day Saturday. Not to mention the track parade proposed by the organization.

To summarise, we can only be pleased that we had:

  • an excellent welcome from the Leiria and Marinha Grande City Councils; 
  • a good bed at the Hotel Miramar, in São Pedro, and a better table at the restaurants Volta aos 7, Meeting and Hotel Cristal Vieira Praia & SPA; 
  • a demonstration of what used to be produced by hand in terms of glass, with visits to the Poeiras Glass Studio and the Glass Museum with its workshops;
  • the privilege, at the Moldetipo Group's headquarters, of realising that our mouldmaking industry continues to outperform competing countries such as China, thanks to innovation, technological advances and the ingenuity and artistry of its builders;
  • a diverse cultural offer that didn't end with the visit to Leiria Castle, a monumental symbol of the city's history that was lost twice and reconquered twice by King Afonso Henriques, nor with the surprising staged visit to the Afonso Lopes Vieira House-Museum in São Pedro, run by the Folhas Platónicas Cultural Association;
  • the panoramic view of a fantastic coastline from the top of the Penedo da Saudade Lighthouse, with summer temperatures reminding us of the swimsuits left behind.

In conclusion, we just have to recognise how lucky we were to be able to imagine and realise this weekend, which had the indispensable support of the local Members and their wives who, in order of seniority in the MGCP, are:

1995 – Vladimiro Alexandre and Cláudia
2014 – Rui Silva and Dora
2021 – Carlos Poças Santos and Margarida

As a reinforcement of our gratitude, we send our Octagonal Greetings.

From the Board,
Isabel Tinoco