Termas Centro Classic Cars

September 18 to 20, 2020
Clube Escape Livre

It was known that the subtropical storm “Alpha” was approaching, but the guarantee of a good programme and the welcoming that this Club always puts in its organizations was very appealing.

Without any withdrawals, 29 Portuguese and Spanish teams attended the event, perhaps not with the classic convertible sports car previously chosen, because they are more vulnerable to the weather, but with another equally sporting and interesting car model. The MG brand was also present.

As part of the animation cycle known as “Viva Termas Centro” and in a partnership established between the Termas Centro and the Clube Escape Livre, participants were invited to discover or rediscover the hot springs of Cró, Fonte Santa, Monfortinho and Unhais da Serra, adding stops and visits to the Raiana fortifications of Sabugal, Almeida, Penamacor and Sortelha. If for some, their history goes back to the 19th century, for others its dates back to the 12th century.

Fortunately the storm shortened its passage and we could easily enjoy a journey through the Serra da Malcata forest nature reserve, under the pleasant guidance of Rui Ramos, to whom we thanked at the closing lunch. This Mediterranean forest of bushes, oaks, arbutus, holm oaks, brooms and maritime pines, speckled by chestnut trees full of hedgehogs, constitutes the natural habitat of the Iberian lynx.

Another surprise was the visit to the Museum “Vilar Formoso Fronteira da Paz, Memorial aos Refugiados e ao Cônsul Aristides de Sousa Mendes” (Vilar Formoso Border of Peace, Memorial to Refugees and Consul Aristides de Sousa Mendes) which opened doors in August 2017. It’s installed in a warehouse next to the train station in the village and deserves an attentive and lengthy visit to its six exhibition centres: “Gente como nós” (People like us), “Início do pesadelo” (Beginning of the nightmare), “A viagem” (The trip), “Vilar Formoso - Fronteira da Paz” (Vilar Formoso - Border of Peace), “Por terras de Portugal” (Spreading throughout Portugal) and “Partida” (The departure).

Finally, we would like to thank News Motor Sports for the photos and to Localvisão for the film that you can find below.