Christmas Lunch - Club MG F TF

December 7, 2019
Aldeias de Xisto – Lousã

Accepting another invitation coming from Carlos Sousa, the Vice President of Club MG F TF Ibérico, we participated in this tour where we met other MGCP members.

The city of Lousã was chosen as the meeting point for this MG Iberian event. After a coffee and a wide variety of regional sweets, we drove along Serra da Lousã and passed through the Aldeias de Xisto (Schist Villages) Chiqueiro and Talasnal. Once there, bread, cheese, chorizo and a caldo verde were on the table waiting for us.

Back on the road, it was time to enjoy beautiful natural landscapes where the village of Candal stands out.

The event closed with a lunch well catered by the “O Burgo” restaurant on the Ceira river bank and very close to the Lousã Castel. All the participants received souvenirs alluding to the season and visited region. Wishes of Happy New Year 2020 were exchanged.


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